Video DJ/Promoter/Producer

Roger aka DJ RS1 was introduced to turntablism by his older brother ,DJ Costik, at the young age of 12. Roger first started off concentrating his time in the studio beat making and studying the art of scratching. Inspired by some of his favorite scratch dj’s such as; DJ Qbert, DJ Teeko, DJ Tobeyer, DJ Idea, DJ Costik and DJ Deception, Roger was able to quickly advance his scratching skills turning him into a beast on the cuts. Fascinated by all the elements of turntablism, from scratching to producing, it was only a matter of time before he would step forth into the DJ scene with his own unique style. Since his debut as RS1, Roger has emerged as one of the valleys most unorthodox Video DJ’s to hit the club scene. His ability to rock the party with his self-produced mash-ups and party breaks, Roger always has something in store for the crowd and keeps them glued to the dance floor wondering “what will he come up with next?”. Roger’s live sets keep the crowd entertained both musically and visually, with his alter ego “RS1” in full effect, there’s never a dull moment when he steps behind the turns. During the past few years Roger was able to travel and DJ at various cities such as L.A. , San Diego, Sacramento, St. Louis, San Jose , Tracy, Modesto and, of course his hometown of Stockton. Being exposed to the various types of crowds he was able to broaden his knowledge in each music genre like B-more, hip-hop, oldies, reggae, rock and house. With his ever growing love and passion for music, Roger plans to continue to travel and share his talent for music with the world one ear at a time.

“There is something about being on stage and DJ’ing for hundreds of people… the feeling you get when you have the crowd in a trance, dancing, screaming and going buck wild… its a feeling that you can’t put into words… its like the ultimate high, I just love performing and putting on a show!” – DJ RS1

Video/Music Genres:

B’more, Mashups, House, Hip-hop, Pop, Top 40s, Club Hits, Reggae, R&B, & Rock.

Producing live Mashups, Beats and Partybreaks


Residencies/Past shows:


  • Social Nightclub
  • Splash Nightclub
  • Liquid Nightclub
  • Club Tre
  • Dream Nightclub
  • Club Vive
  • The Venue
  • Blush Ultra Lounge
  • Parlare Euro Lounge
  • Club Zokku
  • Club 21
  • Power House Nightclub
  • Fugu Lounge


Los Angeles,Ca:

  • Club LAX
  • Club Highlands
  • Club Falcon Hollywood
  • Club Remedy
  • J-Lounge



  • Edge Nightclub

San Diego,Ca:

  • HardRock Cafe


St. Louis, MO:

  • Home Nightclub
  • Club Moon
  • Sugar Lounge
  • Harry’s Nightclub
  • Club XES


San Jose,Ca:

  • Club Sabor
  • Club Motif



  • Club Taste
  • Envy Ultra Lounge
  • Touche
  • Windmill Cove
  • Chitiva’s Bar & grill
  • Sunset Bar & Grill



  • The Great Plate



  • Fat Cat Music House & Lounge
  • Copper Rhino
  • Modesto Sports Bar & Grill

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